i hate resolutions

Happy New Year!

Question: Why do we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment on the very first day of the new year? One word *RESOLUTIONS* We make these promises to ourselves to be better people, to lose weight or communicate more or stop smoking or whatever your particular poison is this year. How many times have you made a resolution and broken it (or forgotten about it)? A LOT right? Why set yourself up for the disappointment? Wow, that sounded a little jaded.

And now for the shocking news. I made a resolution, of sorts. I am going to try to send out at least ONE postcrossing card a week, so hopefully at this time next year I'll have at least 52 cards from other people.

That being said, it's been an appallingly long time since I've been here. Um, 10 months? Yeah. Suffice it to say that a LOT has happened since we talked last. Here we go -inanutshell-

The husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I turned 31 which seems to have been better than turning 30 for some reason. I decided to let my hair grow out and not keep dyeing it every 4 weeks, it is coming in a lovely burnt honey color and I now think I should have made this decision earlier. What else? The husband and I hosted two flash-mob style geocaching events and finally made it to 1000 caches found. Which was awesome. We'd like to do a bigger event but I can't figure out how to, you know, do it, without breaking the bank. I mentioned a while back that I was having trouble with some family members. I think they popped out of the same mold. Selfish, hypocritical, back-stabbing, delusional liars who fully -100%- deserve eachother. Back in June? May? I came home to find that my sister and niece has deleted and blocked my husband and I from facebook, a psychopathic friend wasted NO TIME in informing me that my sister was no longer speaking to me because I (and my mother) had called child services on her. That she "knew" it was me because of how the report was worded. Whuh?!? that is the most ridiculous thing I had heard in a while. I KNOW it wasn't me, and I'm damn near certain it wasn't my mom. How do I know it wasn't her? She was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks (2 weeks?) before child services came! On some massive drugs, like to the point that she didn't know where she was half the time. Yeah, SURE it was her that called...

I was kind of pissed about it all for awhile because I also found out(through a forwarded email) that she was telling some massive lies and saying some fairly nasty things about my husband and I. Mostly me. THEN I realized that I was SO MUCH BETTER OFF WITHOUT ALL THE DRAMA and that I felt so much relief that I didn't have to deal with the lies and stress anymore, that I am now grateful that she jumped to the wrong conclusion and bolted.I'm sure I'll change my mind about this feeling eventually, when I'm not so angry about the phone calls, emails and general backbiting. I still miss her sometimes but then my logic center wonders what exactly I'm missing.
Life has been a LOT less stressful for the last 7 months and for now I'm okay with that.
Wow, that was a big nutshell.

It was pretty quiet the rest of the year, my husband and I don't even fight to make it interesting. No, I won't say that. I love him and our non-fighting.

Running away now, should probably figure out what to make for dinner tonight. Wheee!

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