let a smile be your umbrella...

Dear Universe, If I let a smile be my umbrella, I would drown. Not because I don't smile but because a smile looks like an upside down umbrella. Which would COLLECT water. Thus drowning me. Bite my ass universe and save the platitude for another sucker.

What is up with this week? My grandmother died. My father-in-law had a heart attack. My mother-in-law (on the way to the hospital) got into a 3 car accident when some 19 year old kid more or less broadsided her. She's 67 (68?) and fairly fragile. My niece was in the car and is now in various degrees of pain. My husband is freaking out. AAHRHRGHHG!

*breath breath breath*

On my only positive note, I have managed to keep up with my Postcrossing. I just wrote a card to a woman in Finland. They really like their postcrossing in Finland.

I also bought myself some small feel better gifts. A 500 year old Tudor era buckle, some handmade soap, some jewelry findings. So hey, mosey on over to the right and look at my etsy shop, buy something so I can pay for all this stuff! Just kidding, (notreally), but seriously, etsy has some great stuff and there is no rule that says you can't look at the pretty pretties right?

Holy crap! When did it get to be 2:48am?
I think that means time for bed. Okay, it means time to read a chapter or two of the Graveyard Book then time for bed.

Oh, Universe? You want to take it a little easier on me tomorrow (today)?


down with the sickness

oh-em-gee, soooooo freaking sick.

I think I have the kitten flu. I have a sore throat, stuffy head, a f*cking fever, nausea and coughing. Coughing SO BAD that all the muscles in my abdomen and around my back hurt, like hurts to breath even, coughing makes me want to cry.
I named it the kitten flu because it makes me weak like a little kitten. meow.


I gave up on the above post because I felt way too bad to sit in front of the computer anymore. It's been a week and I'm almost better, still some cough, still stuffy enough that everything smells/tastes really messed up. Do you know how fun that makes cooking dinner? My fever stuck around for 3-4 days and hovered around 102F. I was so weak that showering was next to impossible (but I persevered).

My grandma died a few days ago and I think I'm in denial. There's been no crying or fretting. Is that wrong? I feel like I should be more upset. Maybe if I knew her better? I feel bad for my dad, who admitted to his blubbering when she passed, he is not a sharer or a blubberer so I found that fairly signifigant. I think I feel bad that I don't feel worse. Vicious cycle?

Time for more cold medicine and then bed.


i guess... one sick husband.

I have this book, Wishes by Jude Deveraux, in which the heroine is asked if she had to pick which would she prefer to deal with for an undetermined length of time. One sick husband OR three sick kids. I always figured I'd pick the three sick kids. Alas, alak and woe, all I get is one sick husband.

ONE SICK HUSBAND. No offense to the men of blogland, but men are babies when sick.

Not to mention it's been almost a year since I've been sick. The last time I got sick it went on for over 35 days. 35 days without being able to taste much of anything. Do you know how hard it is to cook when nothing tastes right? I whined about it here at the 27 day mark. I can feel my sinuses trying to drain and my throat hurting a little. Not amused universe. Not amused.

ARRHGH!!! Anyway.......

We DID buy our new tv, and a new blu-ray player. I almost cried when we dropped just over $800 at Fry's. But I totally used thier price-match policy against them and got everything for $70 less. WooHoo internets!

We finished the project I wordless wednesday'd (wow, incorrect usage much?) last week.

We stained the pine ebony, (which didn't come out as dark as I wanted), I padded and upholstered top with a pretty duel tone steel blue that looks like it has little birdie feet-prints all over it. The husband attached the top with brass hinges and we put a black metal hasp on it to hold it closed. Anybody have an antique/vintage (working) lock with a key they want to send me? Please? It's about 16 cubic feet inside, if I did my math right (aAHHAhahahaha, my high school algebra teacher is laughing somewhere in hell right now)And it holds my crafting stuff. It acts as a footstool/bench. It ALSO acts as a table when needed as we had a glass table top stored (that I don't remember where it came from) that fits perfectly at 4'x 2'. Couldn't have worked out better if we had planned it that way.

Uh-oh. 6:15pm and I haven't started dinner. Let's all hope that the husband gets better QUICK. also, that I don't get sick at all.


wordless wednesday - HELLO!!