down with the sickness

oh-em-gee, soooooo freaking sick.

I think I have the kitten flu. I have a sore throat, stuffy head, a f*cking fever, nausea and coughing. Coughing SO BAD that all the muscles in my abdomen and around my back hurt, like hurts to breath even, coughing makes me want to cry.
I named it the kitten flu because it makes me weak like a little kitten. meow.


I gave up on the above post because I felt way too bad to sit in front of the computer anymore. It's been a week and I'm almost better, still some cough, still stuffy enough that everything smells/tastes really messed up. Do you know how fun that makes cooking dinner? My fever stuck around for 3-4 days and hovered around 102F. I was so weak that showering was next to impossible (but I persevered).

My grandma died a few days ago and I think I'm in denial. There's been no crying or fretting. Is that wrong? I feel like I should be more upset. Maybe if I knew her better? I feel bad for my dad, who admitted to his blubbering when she passed, he is not a sharer or a blubberer so I found that fairly signifigant. I think I feel bad that I don't feel worse. Vicious cycle?

Time for more cold medicine and then bed.

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