what the hell calendar?

How did it get to be March 21st? Wasn't it just, like, Christmas? Really?

My wedding anniversary was March 17th. 8 years of weddedness. So far so good.
We spent the day of our anniversary wandering around LACMA. I was so sore after 8 hours of concrete and hard museum floors. I already want to go back though and more thoroughly explore the European galleries. A few favorites:

Urban Lights, an outdoor exhibit featuring over 200 restored street lamps.
Untitled. Seems a bit lazy to create something huge and thought provoking and then not name it.

The Death of Lucretia by Ludovico Mazzanti

The Mocking of Christ by Gerrit van Honthorst

Portrait of a Young Woman with a White Coif by Hans Holbein the Younger. I was completely transfixed by his tiny painting.

Satan by Jean-Jacques Feuchère. I wanted to abscond with one but it was heavy,

Miss Charlotte Papendick as a Child by John Hoppner

After the museums we went to Luna Park for dinner. If you're ever in Los Angeles - GO THERE.
We had grilled artichoke (the best I've ever had) and I had Mahi with couscous salad. I meant to take a picture but I had um, already eaten it by the time I remembered.. We ordered 2 desserts ($8.50 each!) I recommend the s'mores. I've never been s'mores fan but they make their own graham crackers and it comes with a pot of bittersweet chocolate over a candle to keep it warm, and the marshmallow comes similarly in a pot with a candle. It is crusty and brown on top and foamy inside. We kind of fought over it. GET IT. Get TWO. Worth it.

There was much sleeping and video gaming the rest of the weekend. We went and saw Paul on friday. (I could barely walk) It was good, but I didn't seem to find it quite as funny as everyone else did.
So, now it's monday. Ugh, monday. Back to the grind.


shopping as balm for a battered psyche

A few weeks ago I yelled at the universe for being such a douche canoe and then went and bought things to make myself feel better. I mentioned having bought a Tudor era brass buckle. Here it is:
It makes me slightly giddy thinking about who may have worn this. Was it on a hat? A shoe? A ladies gown? Did it buckle a corset? Did it hold beautiful silks? Or sturdy leather? Gah, I could go on and on.

I also bought some handmade soap. Lime, pepper, basil, cucumber and spice. It smells SO GOOD. Need soap? I recommend AfterDarkApothecary The shop owner is awesome and easy to work with. Her soap is silky and lathers well, it doesn't leave my skin dry either!
In thinking about what kind of soap I would like I am getting more interested in making my own soap again. It's been a lot of years since I made soap. Then I found out something very much extremely irritating. You can't really buy lye in Los Angeles off the shelf anymore. I guess it is used to make Meth. Damn drug addicts! First they ruined my cold meds, now my soap!

Wow. I went to get the link for the soap and then spent 20 more minutes shopping. Distracted much?
Now, what to have for lunch? :)

horripilation - not as painful as it sounds

I came across this word a few days ago while I was looking for something else I have now completely forgotten. I love learning new words, but I can't see ever using this word. Ever. It means 'to have goosebumps'. I guess it would be funny if when you had goosebumps at some function or other where you didn't like the people you could clutch your arms and run out screaming, "Horripilation!" Just a thought. ( I just spell-checked this and blogger claims horripilation isn't even a word)

I got a new kitchen faucet today. Here was the progression:

Tuesday: Tell the manager that my current (now former) faucet had sprung a strange leak in the neck.

Wednesday: Plumber/contractor comes to look at the faucet since he was going to be in the building anyway. Promises to return the next day with a new faucet.

Thursday: Wait all freaking morning.....wait some more....plumber shows up and brings wrong faucet. Blames others. Promises to return with right faucet. Tomorrow.

Friday: Getting pissy. Plumber returns, installs new faucet after fighting with old faucet for 20 minutes. New faucet is PLASTIC.

Prediction? New faucet with get broken within 6 months. Repeat.