shopping as balm for a battered psyche

A few weeks ago I yelled at the universe for being such a douche canoe and then went and bought things to make myself feel better. I mentioned having bought a Tudor era brass buckle. Here it is:
It makes me slightly giddy thinking about who may have worn this. Was it on a hat? A shoe? A ladies gown? Did it buckle a corset? Did it hold beautiful silks? Or sturdy leather? Gah, I could go on and on.

I also bought some handmade soap. Lime, pepper, basil, cucumber and spice. It smells SO GOOD. Need soap? I recommend AfterDarkApothecary The shop owner is awesome and easy to work with. Her soap is silky and lathers well, it doesn't leave my skin dry either!
In thinking about what kind of soap I would like I am getting more interested in making my own soap again. It's been a lot of years since I made soap. Then I found out something very much extremely irritating. You can't really buy lye in Los Angeles off the shelf anymore. I guess it is used to make Meth. Damn drug addicts! First they ruined my cold meds, now my soap!

Wow. I went to get the link for the soap and then spent 20 more minutes shopping. Distracted much?
Now, what to have for lunch? :)

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