eight thousand three hundred feet

This past weekend there was a new moon(yes, every time I say it twilight jokes run through my head), as I live in the city there really isn't such a thing as stars. The hubs and I decided to head up to Mt. Pinos, about 80 miles away. We packed some blankets, pillows, food, water, telescope and cameras. It was over 100 degrees at home when we left and a much more comfortable 85 when we arrived at the mountain top. After parking and finding the "facilities" - which consisted of a two stall hut/shack of very low "toilets" set over very deep holes AND they were a quarter of a mile from the lot down a dirt trail with a nasty uphill at the end. Wait, where was I? Oh yes, we put on out water packs and went for a hike. I think the trail was only about 1.5 miles but it was narrow and sloping both up and down. 1.5 miles is really good for me, especially at 8300 ft. Proof:
Once the sun FINALLY went down and the stars came out, OMG PEOPLE, So! Many! Stars! The milky way was blatantly visible, almost as if it was mocking us. Haha, you can't see me from home! The milky way is a jerk.
The people up there were more or less snooty. The bigger/more expensive the telescope, the snootier and cliquish the people. There were a few nice ones, but my last nerve was twangy. TWANGY.
We slept in the car, (which if you have never done, DON'T) for about 3 hours and around 3am the hubs woke up, saw I was awake and says, "Sit up, seat belt, we're going home." Blissful, happy words.
In case I have never mentioned it I have a bit of an anxiety problem. The road down the mountain was windy, not too bad, but windy nonetheless. Parts of the windy also had pitch blackness drop offs. I was beating down the panic, bludgeoning it. It was hard. I was SO happy to see flat road again. We stopped at the FlyingJ truck stop at the bottom of the mountain, an honest to god truck stop. We had pizza and headed home. My own bed was a wonderful, wonderful thing.
Not sure of we will ever do it again. Mt. Pinos was gorgeous, with thousands and thousands of tall pines. But the people and the after dark stupidity was a bit much for me.

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