inappropriate wolf dream

Yes. Highly inappropriate. Cougaresque with the inappropriateness.

I had a dream about Taylor Lautner. A shirtless, bronze skinned, gorgeous- Taylor Lautner.
In case you were wondering, I am 32. Taylor? 19. Nine-freaking-teen.
We were alone is some house I didn't recognize and I told him I thought I was falling in love with him. He got all pissy and asked why I only thought I loved him? Didn't I know? Then he smiled that devastating Jacob Black smile and said he loved me too and we were going to move into our place and get married and be together always. Then he kissed me. (That part could have gone on a bit)
He went upstairs and for some reason there was a hole in the front door glass and a baby bear kept trying to get in and I scaring him back out. I boarded up the glass and ran upstairs. I found him in bed with some girl and they were kissing quite passionately. I asked him how he could do that to me when he just said he loved me and wanted to marry me? He grinned again and said, "It's ok baby, this one's for the road." I was horrified and ran away.

Then I woke up. Confused, a little hurt and slightly horrified that I was having romantic dreams about a 19 year old actor.

I will admit to being Team Jacob.
I will admit that dreaming about him again might not be quite as reprehensible as it felt the first time.
I will (grudgingly) admit that I have a rather unhealthy desire to, er, lick those abs.

I guess to be fair to my psyche, I was dreaming about Jacob Black, not Taylor Lautner.

That makes it ok right? RIGHT?

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