it happend again. cougar dream.


I had another vaguely inappropriate Taylor Lautner/ Jacob Black dream.
Only this time there were several other wolf boys running around in all their shirtless, bronze skinned, muscle-y goodness.

They were competing for my attention and giving me deep dark wolf eye stares. And flexing the muscles. SWEETBABYJANE, flexing the muscles.

I told my husband about the first dream and he laughed at me. It was both awkward and embarrassing. I think I will keep future dreams to myself.

I have decided that being a cougar in my dreams with a fictional (Jacob) character is fine with me. Which means I probably won't ever have another.
Please let there be future dreams.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to have a cougar dream involving packs of wolf boys, lucky girl! ;p

I saw your comment on the bloggess; I'd be happy with one or two genuine comments on my blog too. I just added commentluv, but still nothing other than heaping piles of spam. (theredneckhillbillies.com/blog)