20 little bags for LaFASA

Sometime last week I was directed to a blog post via a Twitter post by a trusted blogger named Swistle. The blog post I was directed to was by MistyatOurHouse, entitled Hide Me! or How to (in)Effectively Raise Funds for Nonprofits . Misty is working with LaFASA, or the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, for those of us who aren't good with acronyms. If you have a few minutes please check out their site, working to end sexual violence is a noble and worthwhile cause.
LaFASA is holding an auction of donated items and the proceeds go to funding the foundation. After very, very little consideration, I decided that donating some items to the cause was the least I could do. In case you never noticed, I have an Etsy shop, you can see some stuff over there ---> SO, I made 10 bracelets and 10 pairs of earrings to be included in the gift baskets up for auction. Materials including (but not limited to) goldstone, unakite, garnet, hematite, fire agate, pyrite, prehnite, pearls and glass. All wrapped up in gold tulle and black ribbon.

I hope in some way my small contribution will be able to help even one person in crisis who has suffered from sexual assault.

Interested in helping out with donated items or funds? I'm sure even $5 would help. Just ask Misty at misty.ourhouse@yahoo.com

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