Wil Wheaton, where art thou?

I have a problem.
Yes, another one. Shut up.
I keep having dreams about Wil Wheaton.
Shut up.
I recently started following him on twitter and I seem to have forgotten over the intervening years just how awesome I always thought he was.
My dreams are in no way inappropriate, unlike the Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black dreams, which were a bit more than vaguely inappropriate.
These dreams are more like being acknowledged by a best friend you never knew you had. And that best friend also happens to be the coolest kid in school. And we hold hands and skip (yes, skip) and smile a lot. It's fun and comfortable. When I wake up and realize that it was just a dream and that Wil Wheaton has no clue I exist I feel deflated. Like being told your best friend suddenly hates you for no reason. Then I think about it all day.
How do I break this cycle? You know, without seeming nuts? I have no desire/talent for being stalkerish. Frankly, that's creepy.
I would make this an open letter to Wil Wheaton but there is always that "doesn't know I exist" barrier.
I would like to actually be friends after a fashion. Hell, I don't even know what that entails. I guess an internet 'friend' would be someone that answers your emails? Knows your name? Stops by(virtually) to say hello every once in a while? None of that sounds right. I guess I am doomed to a life less Wil Wheaton.
And that feels a little...hollow.


Jessica Meats said...

As someone who read his blog and follows his Twitter (yay for technology that lets you follow famous people without being a stalker), I think he'd be amused if you wrote him a letter asking him to stop appearing in your dreams.

Anonymous said...

hmm, my dreams about wil wheaton are much less appropriate than yours, which is weird because i in no way fancy him, honest, not at all.

thank goodness he has no idea who i am