christmas redux

Now that is January I thought it was time for a Christmas wrap up. My cat decided it was time to get up at 5:45am. I was less than pleased with this, but got up anyway. Speaking of less than pleased.... behold! demonic christmas kitty.

Back to the main event! I got everything on my list! I am currently wearing my adorable snarky owl, courtesy of my mother. My wonderful husband got me the new hiking boots, a slew of books, a communist flag and a plush Domo Kun (which I love a ridiculous amount) among other things. We also got a Kindle Fire. Which I also love. It is so responsive, I swear if you look at too hard you could probably use it! The only complaint I may have is that it comes pre-installed with facebook mobile, which I loathe. And you can't uninstall it and use regular web based facebook. I think there is a newer software version but I am hesitant to upgrade. Oh, and it doesn't come with the usb cable to plug it into your computer? Wth kindle?

I got my husband the very (very) much wanted Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. He is kind of hard to surprise but I shocked the crap out of him christmas morning when he opened his brand new shiny blowgun. They aren't exactly legal for purchase where we live, so lets just say there was some finagling, and leave it at that. Among other things I got him the niftiest ring ever. It is made from a Kennedy half dollar! The independant seller who made it was awesome. He made me the ring in a whopping size 14 from a 2003 coin (our wedding year) and had it in the mail in less than 24 hours. Have you ever seen how those things are made? It's like astro-physics to me. His shop is here and I HIGHLY recommend him.

All in all a great christmas which we spent mostly in our jammies in a nest of blankets.

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