let's pretend this never happened

Sounds like a good motto to live by for those of us whose plans don't always play out quite the way we'd hoped.

Also, a phenomenally successful book by Jenny Lawson, aka thebloggess.
Jenny's humor is described as both irreverent and offensive. I would have to agree that her site, thebloggess, is both of these. If you have never visited, you are missing out. I've been following Jenny for years, peeking into her life. She has made me laugh so hard I've cried. But she's more than that. She is fundamentally flawed beneath her humor. Occasionally she shares her troubles which go far far beyond the mundane, through bouts of depression, death, anxiety and fear. She has pulled us along with her, and as a result I have not only laughed with her, but cried and hurt and found someone who understands what so many of us are afraid to say. She IS flawed. We all are. But she is also courageous and generous and beautiful in so many ways.

I admit it. I haven't read her book yet. I am afraid to. She has ingrained me (not just ME) so deeply into her life that I am afraid to read her book and then have it be over. Like getting to the end of Harry Potter. You know there is more, but it feels so...final. At least with Jenny there is always one more laugh, one more tear, and one more night sitting up for hours watching her youtube video that tells us, "You are important. The people who are in your life, they want you there. Even if you are completely broken, no matter what they want you. I want you there. Don't leave."

Thank you. THANK YOU.

And now I am crying like a baby.

So for now my book sits on the shelf next to my bed. Hand signed bookplate in place. Waiting for me.

The inside leaf of my copy of Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

Complete with Bloggess stickers sent to me by the Bloggess herself.

Haven't read it? GO BUY IT. I have never wholeheartedly recommended a book I haven't yet read. I am now. Go. Buy. Laugh.

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