at the oviatt

A few weeks ago the hubs and I went to the Oviatt Penthouse in downtown Los Angeles with a good friend and her daughter.
The Oviatt Building was opened in 1928 as an upscale haberdashery. I just love that word, haberdashery. The building itself is gorgeous and needs to be seen to be believed. The penthouse, on the 13th floor, was owned and lived in by James Oviatt and his wife Mary. Parquet floors, marble walls, Lalique glass and ghosts. Oh, did I forget to mention that the building is haunted? hehe, haberdashery

Our private tour started at about 9pm, ending around midnight and was conducted almost entirely in the dark. Cold spots, flashes of light, odd smells and moving shadows galore. Aside from the physical beauty of the place (and OMG like being in a museum but I could TOUCH STUFF) there is a definite sense of spiritual presence.

Throughout the evening my husband and I picked up on the names Sarah and Louise. We found out later that Sarah was the name of both James Oviatts mother and eldest sister, who had raised him after his mothers death. Louise (which was mine) was the middle name of Sarah the sister and Mary the wife. Coincidence? Possibly. Likely? Not.

A few photos:

there appears to be someone sitting on the bed in this photo, there was no shape there in the frame before or after this one and when the lights were turned on the bed was mussed and there was a butt print on the fabric. Ghost or trick of the light?The hubs asked me to take this picture in that moment. He said it felt like someone was touching his head from above. In the larger version of this picture you can see the shadow of what appears to be a person, arm extended over the hubs head. The shadow is not his. His can be clearly seen on the pillar he is leaning against.Up on the roof (the VIEWS!!) I was alone on the upper level and thought I saw a woman standing behind this curtain. As I walked away I pointed the camera over my shoulder and snapped a picture. See the rounded shadow?>
The front of the Oviatt building which now houses the Cicada restaurant on the bottom floor.
We couldn't quite figure out what this was. Turns out it was the incinerator chimney. Still pretty though.
The people that lease the Penthouse are beginning to do ghost tours and midnight martinis. $45 plus tax per person, 21 and over only. Worth it. GO THERE. The first is June 2nd, 2012. Proceeds go to restore the clock tower/penthouse.

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