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You can't hear me, but I'm screaming. No one can hear me, but I'm screaming. I'm screaming so loudly that I can barely hear myself. I am screaming so loudly that it is thunderously silent. Silent.
For the past few months I feel like I have been gradually filling up. With what I'm not even sure. Anger? Annoyance? Nonsense? I don't know what it is but I'm full. FULL I tell you. Or nearly so. I feel like I am full of crazy, barely leashed, crazy. It seems that recently every tiny thing has been setting me off. I've never been very patient but I've always been able to tamp it down and move past what ever it was. I'm a seether, not a snapper. I feel like there is no more room to tamp. No matter how much the tiny people in my head jump up and down on whatever crap is cluttering it up in there, it isn't working anymore.
What happens when I'm full? What do you do?

It's a damn good thing there aren't any bell towers around here.

And now I'm on the FBI's watch list for domestic terrorists.

Like I wasn't before. BWAhahahHAHAhaha!!!

{just for good measure}


Keaven said...

Came to your blog from a comment on the bloggess... I know exactly how you feel. :/ Hope you find a way to feel better.

alonewithcats said...

Maybe take a vacation? One that doesn't involve air travel. On a account of being on the FBI terror watch list. Because those people mean business. ;)