egads! what fresh horror is this?

This new blogger layout sucks. When I came in here today to poke around a bit I was slapped in the face with  introduced to the new layout. "The old layout will be disappearing soon. So try the new layout now!" Stop being such passive aggressive asshats so enthusiastic Google. Some of us Don't! Like! Change! Especially when those changes are suckish confusing. Who do you think you are? Facebook? Congress? Change for the sake of justifying your jobs change isn't productive, it's obnoxious.
*I reserve the right to change this opinion on the basis of justifying my theories of temporal anomalies, girl scout cookie racketeering, and the theoretical physics behind Cat Space.*


...and I'm going to be hiiigh as a kite by then

If you just read that in William Shatner's voice then I congratulate you, you are awesome.

Ever od on caffeine? Even slightly? Your heart pounds, your breathing is suppressed, your mind feels like it is going at hyper speed but slightly out of your control? Like you could quite literally climb the walls, upper body strength and laws of physics be damned?
Minus the heart pounding and respiratory distress that has been me for the last 17 days. Why so specific? My doctor put me on a new medicine that basically equates to synthetic amphetamines. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome these things are as mood stabilizers. I'm not sure I've had an inclination toward strangling strangers in more than 2 weeks! It's usually several times daily! To say I have an annoyance/anger problem is generally an understatement. This feeling of non-homicide is so foreign I'm having trouble adequately describing it.
Enter the problem: This medicine is only approved for use by the FDA for 12 weeks at a time. Why? Because it can kill you.
Everyday after it kicks in (1 hour after taking or so) I start to feel...floaty. I feel slightly lightheaded and like I could not, say, operate a crane or a bulldozer.

So, for now,
Me: 1
Unsuspecting strangers who unwittingly piss me off: Elevnty billion

I still think that's pretty fair.