egads! what fresh horror is this?

This new blogger layout sucks. When I came in here today to poke around a bit I was slapped in the face with  introduced to the new layout. "The old layout will be disappearing soon. So try the new layout now!" Stop being such passive aggressive asshats so enthusiastic Google. Some of us Don't! Like! Change! Especially when those changes are suckish confusing. Who do you think you are? Facebook? Congress? Change for the sake of justifying your jobs change isn't productive, it's obnoxious.
*I reserve the right to change this opinion on the basis of justifying my theories of temporal anomalies, girl scout cookie racketeering, and the theoretical physics behind Cat Space.*


Mrs. Tuna said...

I hated it when they changed my dashboard. Stupid Google blogger.

Lindseh Ehm said...

I saw something about that, but am choosing to ignore the inevitable.