lost amongst the willows

down the shadow lane
tall willows all around
bars of light elusive
thin upon the ground
first foot follows last
skirting mossy holes
as like to break an ankle
going for a stroll
murky darkness thickens
seeping into breast
impossible to fight it
time to take a rest
weary under willows
not caring when they drip
eyes closed in defeat
slackening of grip
reality had floundered
slipped away unseen
screaming into shadows
with silence most obscene
brushing desolation
careless of the way
specter of vitality
a falsehood some would say
last foot follows first
disparate soul moves on
convincing in the sunlight
but she's already gone
tall willows all around
down the shadow lane

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Mary said...

I saw your comment on thebloggess -- Hang in there! Come visit and read and laugh and share your creative ideas....there's MUCH creativity visible on these page!