cards against humanity and why walmart sucks

The title should be fairly self explanatory. If it's not, allow me to enlighten you.

Recently my family's favorite party game, Cards Against Humanity, has been released for retail sale. I did a wobble neck double take while walking through Target. Was that....? Noooooo......YESSSS!!! Holy Cheesus, WHAT IS THAT DOING HERE!??! I was elated to see that not only was it available retail, but that Target had not inflated the pricing. Main game? $25. Expansions? $10. Perfectly accurate in accordance with CardsAgainstHumanity.com See: https://store.cardsagainsthumanity.com/

On Amazon? Perfectly accurate.


Then we come to Walmart that has been known for years for its shady business practise. Behold. Cards Against Humanity main game is $40.99. That is a 39% increase. SHADY AS FUCK.

That's it. I just needed to point out what complete assholes Walmart are. If you are planning on buying this game, GO ELSEWHERE. Don't feed the machine. Or the trolls. Or Mogwai after midnight.


sand fire

Something so utterly destructive should not be so beautiful.

first photo taken on auto, interesting flares from the city lights

This wasn't a real post, I just wanted to share some pictures.